CPS Presents at 2024 PQA Annual Meeting

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CPS Presents at 2024 PQA Annual Meeting


CPS Presents A Podium Presentation and Three Clinical Outcomes Posters At 2024 Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) Annual Meeting

Team showcases research and insights to help health system specialty pharmacies address social determinants of health, demonstrate clinical value and advance quality care.


May 2024


CPS is bringing health system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) research, insights, and expertise to the 2024 PQA Annual Meeting to help advance the quality of medication use.

Notably, CPS has been selected for a coveted spot onstage to present, "A Health-System Specialty Pharmacy Team's Role in Addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)." The podium presentation, hosted by Kristin Darin, PharmD, BCPS, Casey Fitzpatrick, PharmD, BCPS, and Shanece Green, PharmD, RPh, MSPH, MBA, helps PQA attendees:

  • Recognize SDOH encompass many factors beyond medical care that influence health outcomes.
  • Describe how to assess SDOH during patient interactions.
  • Discuss factors to consider when recommending SDOH interventions.

Additionally, the team will present three HSSP-focused clinical outcomes posters demonstrating how HSSPs can improve medication safety, adherence, and appropriate use. Poster presentations include:

  1. "Maximizing Cost Savings: The Impact of Specialty Pharmacist Interventions at a Community Oncology Center," by Megan Rees, PharmD, BCACP, CSP; Carly Giavatto, PharmD; Ana Lopez Medina, PharmD; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Casey Fitzpatrick, PharmD, BCPS.

    About the study: The single-center observational study, conducted at a community oncology center from 2019-2023, evaluated the impact of cost savings when HSSP teams manage the therapy journey for patients taking oral oncolytics.

    The impact: HSSP teams embedded in oncology clinics can enhance therapy adherence and utilization for patients taking expensive oral oncolytics. The study's findings can help HSSPs demonstrate value and impact, particularly as value-based care models become more widespread.

    Notable: The research earned the “Best Poster” award at the 2023 National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) Annual Meeting.

    The findings: Download the poster.

  2. "Health System Specialty Pharmacy: Ensuring Continuity of Care During Provider Transitions," by Carly Giavatto, PharmD; Brett Shaffer, PharmD; Audrey Rush, AA, CPhT; Amy Evans, PharmD, CSP; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Casey Fitzpatrick, PharmD, BCPS; Ana Lopez-Medina, PharmD.

    About the study: Disruptions during care transitions can impact patients’ therapy adherence and outcomes. However, HSSP teams are well-positioned to offer support and care continuity. The study answered the question: How can HSSP teams fill care gaps and maintain care continuity during transitional periods?

    One insight we learned: Dr. Giavatto recently shared the findings with Pharmacy Times, explaining that “transitional periods can lead to therapy gaps like medication non-compliance and disease progression. HSSPs can be the solution, and their involvement in maintaining care continuity is important.”

    The findings: Download the poster.

  3. "Impact of Clinical Dashboards for Data Capture and Reporting Across Health System Specialty Pharmacies," by Carson Kantoris, PharmD Candidate; Ana Lopez Medina, PharmD; Carly Giavatto, PharmD; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Amber Skrtic, PharmD, CSP, AAHIVP; Hector Mayol Torres, BSEE; Erica Rosa, MPH; Casey Fitzpatrick, PharmD, BCPS.

    About the study: Clinical dashboards can help HSSPs capture and report clinical metrics more accurately and drive higher-quality care. The retrospective quality improvement study recently published in American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy evaluated how HSSP teams can improve clinical outcomes measurement using technology-enabled clinical dashboards(AJHP) recently published the research.

    The impact: “Clinical dashboards allow us to pinpoint when and how a specialty pharmacist should intervene,” Dr. Fitzpatrick told Pharmacy Practice News last year. The research can help HSSPs standardize clinical outcomes measurement, which can help them better demonstrate value to leadership, payors, and manufacturers.

    The findings: Download the poster.

PQA is a national quality organization helping hospitals set and achieve quality benchmarks, standards, and practices that advance patient care. As a member of PQA, CPS is a key stakeholder in setting pharmacy performance measures; addressing social determinants of health; collaborating with pharmacists on value-based care and outcomes; and advancing the practice of medicine. PQA’s 2024 Annual Meeting is May 14-16, 2024, in Baltimore.

Contact us for more information about PQA and CPS' commitment to advancing quality and value-based care.

Image source: Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

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