Outcomes Study: Clinical Dashboards Improve HSSP Clinical Outcomes Measurement

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Outcomes Study: Clinical Dashboards Improve HSSP Clinical Outcomes Measurement

A new study from CPS' health system specialty pharmacy clinical outcomes team shows real-time clinical dashboards improve reporting and interventions.


April 2024


Clinical dashboards can help health system specialty pharmacies (HSSPs) capture and report clinical metrics more accurately and drive higher-quality care. That's according to a new outcomes study from CPS’ HSSP network, “Impact of Clinical Dashboards for Data Capture and Reporting Across Health System Specialty Pharmacies.”

The CPS team is presenting a poster featuring findings from the study at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)’s 2024 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, April 15-18, 2024. The study was also recently published in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.

Study authors included: Carson Kantoris, PharmD Candidate; Ana Lopez Medina, PharmD; Carly Giavatto, PharmD; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Amber Skrtic, PharmD, CSP, AAHIVP; Hector Mayol Torres, BSEE; Erica Rosa, MPH; Casey Fitzpatrick, PharmD, BCPS.

“Clinical dashboards allow us to pinpoint when and how a specialty pharmacist should intervene,” Dr. Fitzpatrick told Pharmacy Practice News last year. Researchers found dashboards can help HSSP teams:

  • Monitor up-to-the-minute patient progress improved data capture and interventions.
  • Improve clinical outcomes measurement strategies can ensure HSSPs achieve clinical goals and metrics.
  • Demonstrate value to hospital leadership, payors, and manufacturers.

Download the poster to read the complete study and apply the learnings in your HSSP by filling out the form below.

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