Article: 5 Tips for Improving Specialty Pharmacy Performance and Value

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Article: 5 Tips for Improving Specialty Pharmacy Performance and Value

Becker's Hospital Review features CPS experts’ health system specialty pharmacy "keys to success."

What are the five keys to success every health system leader needs to consider when building or growing their specialty pharmacy service? According to health system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) experts, Brandon Newman, PharmD, MMHC, CSP, and Jessica Mourani, PharmD, it all comes down to measurement.

The pair break down their top recommendations for health system and HSSP leaders in a recent Becker’s Hospital Review article, which follows their recent podcast interview about the state of HSSP growth.

Here are several insights they shared:



  1. Health systems are increasingly viewing specialty pharmacy services as business drivers.
  2. The most successful HSSPs are closely measuring clinical outcomes to demonstrate value. However, many HSSPs are still struggling to establish and maintain robust clinical measurement programs on their own.
  3. HSSPs often lack consistent and standardized clinical measurement processes. A partner could help health systems close this gap.


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