The Clear Solution to White Bagging

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The Clear Solution to White Bagging

White, brown, and clear bagging for specialty medications: what’s best for your covered entity?

Over the last decade, many new biosimilars and specialty drugs have come to market. This has made treatment options for complex medical conditions more accessible to patients. While the availability of these drugs has improved dramatically over time, how these drugs are purchased or acquired and administered requires special consideration.


These changes are not necessarily focused on ease-of-access for the patient or the location where the treatments will be administered. Historically, most hospitals utilized the “buy-and-bill” method when accessing specialty drugs for their patients. That is, the pharmacy purchased the drug through usual means and billed the patient’s insurance. Today, many Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are requiring the use of certain delivery methods to access these drugs, resulting in various safety, compliance, and regulatory risks for covered entities.


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