Pharmacy Times Interviews Dr. Carly Giavatto: HSSP Linkage to Care Outcomes Research

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Pharmacy Times Interviews Dr. Carly Giavatto: HSSP Linkage to Care Outcomes Research

December 2023

Health system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) expert, Carly Giavatto, Pharm.D., sits down with Pharmacy Times to discuss her team's groundbreaking linkage to care research and outcomes study.


This year, Team CPS presented nearly a dozen clinical outcomes studies at ASHP Midyear in Anaheim, Calif., where we showcased the latest research findings from across our pharmacy network. It was an honor to sit down with Pharmacy Times to discuss some of this year's most significant breakthroughs.

"The clinical outcomes research team is excited and proud of our work. We hope that it is impactful to other institutions and that it's positively contributing to the current body of literature."

Here, Dr. Carly Giavatto presents a study examining a "first-of-its-kind linkage to care initiative performed by HSSPs," - Abemaciclib Linkage to Care: A Health System Specialty Pharmacy Initiative.

"Linkage to care initiatives can encompass a wide range of areas and promote patients on optimal therapy," she said. "But in addition to that, they can mean linking patients into social services...linking patients into correct diagnoses...linking patients into financial assistance...or linking patients into drug programs promoting medication access."

"HSSPs are well-positioned to [manage] linkage to care initiatives because they're embedded in clinics with direct access to patients, providers, health system resources, and EHRs. This allows them to be well-versed with the patient."

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