Hereditary Angioedema Care Plan

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Hereditary Angioedema Care Plan

Specialty Pharmacists spend their days navigating intricate questions surrounding clinical patient care. To support their work, TherigySTM offers comprehensive care plans that cover numerous disease states from common to rare conditions. Every specialty patient requires their own individualized care plan based on their specific disease state as well as their unique medical history. TherigySTM automates and streamlines the information necessary to manage their complex care in one convenient place. This frees up pharmacists to spend more time where it matters most: focused on their patients.

The latest TherigySTM care plan addresses Hereditary Angioedema (HAE). This rare inherited disorder affects roughly 1 in 50,000 people. It is caused by a genetic mutation that inhibits the body’s ability to properly regulate the inflammatory process, resulting in acute swelling in various areas of the body. Triggers vary significantly from one patient to the next, but can include stress, injury, infection, or physical strain. Prior to the availability of innovative specialty medications, patients were often rushed to the Emergency Room with sudden, severe swelling in the face, limbs, airway, or intestinal tract. Attacks affecting the throat are the most serious as they can lead to suffocation. Thankfully we now have a range of self-administered HAE medications available for both prophylactic treatment and acute flares.

The challenge for today’s pharmacists is in managing the intricate care options available for this complicated condition. Each HAE patient has unique medical requirements, and each type of treatment has its own variations, from dosing frequency to side effect management. The TherigySTM HAE care plan allows pharmacists to review and track all the relevant information required to properly manage this disease state in one centralized place.

  • Medications: The medications available to treat this condition are listed with detailed information on drug interactions and potential adverse reactions for specific co-morbidities. This helps pharmacists identify and optimize therapy choices for each individual patient’s needs.
  • Dosing Information: Most HAE drugs are injectable. TherigySTM provides detailed information on dosing for both prophylactic and acute medications. Dosing frequencies can vary significantly, with some administered weekly and others only monthly.
  • Tracking: The care plan offers comprehensive tracking of each patient’s therapeutic journey. It allows pharmacists to log common triggers, comorbidities, adherence, side effects, clinical metrics and targeted outcomes. With a disease state as variable as HAE, this level of detailed reporting and analysis is essential to improve quality of life.  
  • HAE Action Plan: The action plan is unique to the HAE care plan, educating pharmacists on key information they should share with their patients. This includes drug administration instructions, common planning requirements for travel, and guidance on when to seek emergency care.

TherigySTM continues to develop comprehensive care plans for specialty disease states, including rare diseases and orphan drugs, optimizing the solutions available to pharmacists and the quality of care offered to patients. These care plans provide clear, functional, and intuitive solutions for users across all technology and skill levels, ensuring specialty pharmacy operations are organized and streamlined so that pharmacists can focus on care. Together with our pharmacy partners, TherigySTM seeks to facilitate a holistic approach to patient care.


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