Community Hospital Optimizes Surgical Inventory to Save $400,000

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Community Hospital Optimizes Surgical Inventory to Save $400,000

How Goshen Health uncovered new savings through enhanced materials management


According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, 94% of community hospital CEOs say "increasing staff and supply costs" will be their top financial challenge this year.

Rising costs mean community hospitals like Indiana-based Goshen Health must carefully strategize to maintain financial stability while upholding patient care quality.

Goshen Health is a 100-bed non-profit community hospital, consistently ranked among the best hospitals in Indiana. Back in 2022, Goshen’s leadership team reached out to CPS Solutions, LLC. (CPS) —one of the country’s largest hospital and pharmacy solution providers—for support.  

The hospital’s leadership team began considering new strategies and partnerships to improve materials management, and realized significant cost savings with their very first initiative:

  1. Revealed opportunity for thorough review of 9,000 surgical services items
  2. Reduced surgical services inventory by nearly $400,000


Download the case study to see how Goshen Health worked with CPS to identify, implement, and sustain cost savings across their supply chain.


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