Trellis Rx Achieves A Leading Patient NPS in Zitter Insights’ Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey

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Trellis Rx Achieves A Leading Patient NPS in Zitter Insights’ Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey

Published 01/28/2021
by Kathryn Edwards


ATLANTA – Today, Trellis Rx, a technology-enabled specialty pharmacy services provider, announced it, in conjunction with its partner health systems, has received one of the top patient Net Promoter Scores in Zitter Insights’, a division of the research organization MMIT, Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey. These results illustrate how Trellis Rx’s partnership enables health systems to provide a best-in-class specialty medication experience for their patients.

The survey evaluated Net Promoter Score (NPS), a cross-industry standardized index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. In the Q3 2020 fielding of the Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey, Trellis Rx and its partner health systems received an average patient NPS of 90, emphasizing the impact Trellis Rx’s embedded, technology-enabled specialty pharmacy care model has on improving patient satisfaction. According to Zitter Insights’ survey, Trellis Rx’s patient NPS exceeded the average hospital and health system patient NPS of 79 and the average patient NPS for other types of specialty pharmacies including retail (NPS=45) and PBMs (NPS=41).

“Trellis Rx’s partnership has enhanced our patients’ care experiences. Having a specialty pharmacy team on-site at North Memorial Health enables effective, timely communication with our providers and patients, which has resulted in improved care and outcomes. The survey results are a testament to Trellis Rx’s care model and the collaborative nature of their program,” said Paul Krogh, Pharm.D., system director of pharmacy services at North Memorial Health.

 Trellis Rx’s clinically-integrated approach creates a streamlined experience for patients and their providers by embedding highly-trained pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons into care teams. Using an advanced specialty pharmacy technology platform, pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons can proactively engage and manage patients, which leads to better patient satisfaction, adherence and outcomes. Trellis Rx has helped its health system partners’ patients save more than $60 million on out-of-pocket costs to date. Its health system partners also achieved a 90 percent average proportion of days covered, a common measure of adherence, in the last six months of 2020.

 Now more than ever, patients need coordinated, personalized specialty pharmacy experiences to overcome barriers to medication access and adherence and achieve better health outcomes,” stated Andy Maurer, CEO at Trellis Rx, “I am extremely proud of our team members who helped achieve this strong NPS for Trellis Rx and our health system partners by working tirelessly to provide the highest level of specialty pharmacy care to patients with complex conditions.”

To further enhance specialty pharmacy care for patients across the country, Trellis Rx is sponsoring ASHP’s Specialty Pharmacy State of Practice in Hospitals and Health Systems – Future Directions Summit. The virtual event on February 1-4, 2021 will cover recommendations for optimizing all aspects of the patient journey and quality of life associated with the use of specialty pharmacy designated medications.

For further information about how Trellis Rx is partnering with health systems to build patient-centered specialty pharmacy services, contact us.


About Trellis Rx

Trellis Rx works hand-in-hand with health systems to improve the medication therapy experience for their patients with chronic and specialty conditions. Working under the health system’s brand, Trellis Rx provides medically-integrated pharmacy services that drive measurably better clinical and financial outcomes—faster—with less risk.

Trellis Rx’s unique clinical care model embeds highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons directly into health system’s specialty clinics. Its fully integrated, local approach ensures patients with chronic and complex conditions receive the personalized, high-touch pharmacy care required to support adherence to treatment plans and improve clinical outcomes.


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