Tracking Trends & Insights: CPS Optimizer’s Reporting Capabilities

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Tracking Trends & Insights: CPS Optimizer’s Reporting Capabilities


Many healthcare organizations lack full visibility into all areas of their pharmacy’s clinical, operational, and financial performance. They either spend hours and hours reviewing fragmented data sets and disparate reports, or their software does not allow them to report on these capabilities altogether.


Pharmacies today need an enterprise-wide business process management software to cohesively bring all cross-functional business areas together, deliver optimal efficiency, and drive results. CPS Optimizer® is the singular SaaS solution to do it all at once.


Full System & Individual Site Visibility:

  • Drug spend and 340b performance reporting
  • Purchase trending
  • Contract compliance monitoring
  • Year-over-year data analysis
  • Decision-making support
  • Real-time antimicrobial, opioid, and biosimilar reporting


CPS Optimizer’s robust reports present real-time data on a flexible interface to easily monitor multiple pharmacy metrics and pinpoint new opportunities.



Financial Analytics

Comprehensive 80-20-100

Purchasing data breakdowns compare systemwide and individual site drug spends over time to identify trends, changes, and the drivers behind them. Since CPS Optimizer automatically updates this information, it promotes proactive monitoring and quick resolution of any purchasing errors to avoid undue harm.


WAC & 340B Performance

WAC reports outmatch the wholesaler’s data by pulling information from all account types and sites into one place, which enables intricate analyses as to why certain changes occurred and what happened as a result. With purchasing invoices and cost comparisons, CPS Optimizer shows drug prices for wholesale and 340b to identify good versus bad WAC and indicate the most cost-effective option.


Pharmacy Leadership & C-Suite View

CPS Optimizer generates presentation-ready reports without the granularity. The streamlined data illustrates high-level outcomes and provides reasons for correlations, thereby going beyond the numbers to tell a comprehensive story.



Clinical & Operational Metrics

Antimicrobial Stewardship Monitor

Compliance tools designed around regulatory drug commission standards help promote antimicrobial stewardship. With CPS Optimizer’s holistic view, usage and consumption metrics deliver more detail than single-purpose products by tracking and trending data in relation to other pharmacy data.


Opioid Stewardship Monitor

Trends in analgesic spend and oral morphine milligram equivalents evaluate opioid use over time to help ensure compliance with pain management standards. By combining these metrics with CPS Optimizer’s pain management assessments and resources, pharmacies can have a more comprehensive view into the health system’s pain management stewardship.


Comparative & Historical Reporting

CPS Optimizer’s customizable reports analyze user-defined data points (e.g., total drug cost, inventory value, etc.) to show historical trends for a given site over a set period. When users select multiple facilities, the platform volume adjusts the data to provide a level comparison across the entire range.


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