Therigy® Named to University of Florida’s Gator100 List of the Fastest Growing Companies

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Therigy® Named to University of Florida’s Gator100 List of the Fastest Growing Companies

February 2, 2018 - Maitland, FL – For the third time, Therigy, LLC, the trusted source for consulting services and technology solutions for the specialty pharmaceutical market, has been named to the Gator100 – a list of the 100 fastest-growing businesses in the world owned or led by University of Florida alumni.

Company Co-Founder and President Joseph Morse, BA, class of 1995, accepted the honor on Therigy’s behalf at a ceremony hosted in Gainesville.  The Gator100 List is calculated by Ernst & Young each year by taking each company’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the past three years to generate the ranking.

“The Gator100 honors UF alumni from across the university who are founding and growing amazing companies around the country,” said Kent Fuchs, President of the University of Florida. “It’s an incredible affirmation of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the Gator Nation.”

“We are thrilled to have been named to the Gator100 again,” Joseph Morse said. “It is humbling to receive this award and be among so many great companies that are making a difference in their respective industries. It is a special time to celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved and give thanks to our valued customers and great employees who have helped Therigy advance the specialty pharmaceutical market.”

Joseph Morse and Russel Allinson, CEO, co-founded Therigy in 2006. Jon Hamrick, Chief Operating Officer, an MBA graduate of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, joined Therigy’s executive team in 2011. In addition to dramatic growth in revenue, Therigy has seen a large increase in staff and now employs over 70 team members at its Maitland, FL headquarters.

The company’s market-leading product, TherigySTM, is used by specialty pharmacies to provide superior care and therapy-specific clinical support to maximize adherence and improve patient outcomes. Therigy also provides strategic advisory services to specialty pharmacies and pharma manufacturers.

“This is an exciting time for our company and the specialty pharmacy industry as a whole,” Allinson said. “Therigy is proud to be one of the engines of economic development and job creation in Central Florida. I hope we can serve as a role model for other entrepreneurial companies.”


About the Gator100
The Gator100, sponsored by the University of Florida, the Warrington College of Business and the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, recognizes and celebrates the achievements of leading UF alumni entrepreneurs around the world. The Gator100 ranks the 100 fastest-growing, Gator-owned or Gator-led businesses each year—regardless of which school or college the alumni graduated from—recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit in all Gator alumni across our campus.



Therigy, LLC, an affiliate of CPS Solutions, LLC, provides patient-focused specialty therapy management software and services. Therigy equips pharmacy stakeholders with the tools to standardize and scale patient management programs—with a depth and consistency of clinical care not possible before—helping them to grow their patient population, deliver value-based outcomes, gain insights into evolving patient needs, and predict therapy trends. 


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