Therigy Announces Mobile-Enabled Patient Assessments to Improve Adherence

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Therigy Announces Mobile-Enabled Patient Assessments to Improve Adherence

Orlando, FL, October 3, 2019 ( –Therigy®, the trusted partner for specialty pharmacy management software and services, is excited to announce the launch of mobile-enabled patient assessments via Therigy’s flagship SaaS platform, TherigySTM™.   This advanced patient engagement enables pharmacies to deliver customized assessments directly to patients via their mobile device to answer when it is convenient for them.  The result is pharmacies reach patients faster – often avoiding several days of delay from call attempts – and more effectively engaging with patients.  Improving patient adherence is challenging and although various intervention strategies have been used, the use of mobile messaging has been proven to be most effective according to a recent JAMA study1 which demonstrated text message interventions had high acceptance rates and increased patient adherence by 17.8%.

 “We are very excited to launch our mobile-enabled patient assessments capability within TherigySTM,” states Joe Morse, Chief Executive Officer, Therigy.  “This tool enables our customers to improve the lives of their patients through greater education, support and interventions, ultimately improving adherence and demonstrating outcomes.”

For more information on Therigy’s mobile-enabled patient assessments within TherigySTM or to get started now, please visit our Patient Messaging page


About Therigy

Therigy, LLC, an affiliate of CPS Solutions, LLC, provides patient-focused specialty therapy management software and services. Therigy equips pharmacy stakeholders with the tools to standardize and scale patient management programs—with a depth and consistency of clinical care not possible before—helping them to grow their patient population, deliver value-based outcomes, gain insights into evolving patient needs, and predict therapy trends. 

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