The Importance of Customization in Specialty Therapy Platforms

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The Importance of Customization in Specialty Therapy Platforms

As the specialty pharmacy market continues to boom, relationships within the industry continue to evolve. From doctor-patient to pharmacy-payer relationships and everything in between, heightened attention and care is needed to successfully establish and maintain them.

While specialty pharmacies can’t have control over every moving part of the care process, internal organization plays an indisputably crucial role in improving patient outcomes and helping ensure that contract, regulatory, and accreditation requirements are met.

The ability to customize diverse aspects of its therapy management platform gives a specialty pharmacy the ability to nurture exceptional relationships with patients, manufacturers, payers, and partnering or parent pharmacies.

Meeting Manufacturer and Payer KPIs

In order to earn and secure manufacturer and payer contracts, specialty pharmacies must show their excellence through a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) and strict reporting requirements. Among the top KPIs are patient adherence rates, access, and time to fill prescriptions. Today’s specialty pharmacy is expected to offer specialized programs that improve patient education and adherence while removing barriers to access.

Techniques for elevating a pharmacy’s ability to meet these requirements and improve their overall patient outcomes include technology and care plan strategies such as pharma-analytics and holistic patient care programs. Customized therapy platforms can be the critical link in this chain.

Therapy Platform Customization Techniques

Many specialty pharmacies operate with different manual tools that simultaneously collect, organize, and analyze information. As these pharmacies grow, their manual systems are incapable of scaling to keep up with their needs.  Unfortunately, this can lead to fragmented and siloed data, which can in turn create gaps, disorganization, and room for human error.

Conversely, when organizations have a single, holistic therapy management technology platform, knowledge can be consolidated, operations can be streamlined, and nothing can slip through the cracks. When this platform offers advanced customization options, specialty pharmacies have the opportunity to optimize their processes while maximizing their outcomes.

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Customized Workflows

Steps like patient intake, insurance verification, order and item entry, prior authorization, and scheduling are all critical functions of the everyday workflow in a specialty pharmacy. Any shortcomings or oversight in the necessary workflow can lead to care gaps and complications for patients and the pharmacies that are responsible for their wellbeing.

With a customizable platform, specialty pharmacies can ensure that all steps are completed, and all interventions are ready to trigger while catering to patients and partners who may require variations in services or data collection and reporting.

Therapy Care Plans and Protocols

Specialty pharmacy care plans and protocols are the foundation of patient services. Consistency and standardization are non-negotiable – all parties need to rely on a proven, effective system for guiding patients through their care. Because specialty therapies are complex, where one protocol size does not fit every patient or stakeholder, specialty pharmacies must have the ability to customize protocols to add, modify, and remove assessment questions to support care and reporting requirements. Organizations need the ability to collect all of this information in a single place, access it readily, and be able to make individualized decisions based on a patient’s presentation in the care process to achieve the best possible outcomes.Customization in Specialty Therapy Platforms-03

Data Report Templates

Sound workflows, protocols, and care plans can’t reach full efficiency without the ability to report them accurately and in a timely manner. With data report template customization, organizations can quickly pull the metrics they need, when they need them, for the specific reasons they’re needed.

From presenting performance to manufacturers and payers, to reviewing the year’s cost of operations and efficiency for next year’s data-driven decisions, to fulfilling REMS program requirements for drug manufacturers, customized reporting saves specialty pharmacies significant time and resources, and provides a significant ROI.

TherigySTM’s Advanced Customization Toolbox

TherigySTM is founded on the ability to customize your specialty therapy management platform to optimize your internal operations, and thus your external relationships. With its Assessment Manager, Content Developer, Protocol Builder, and custom reporting tools, TherigySTM allows you to easily modify your existing content and build tailored programs without the need to rely on IT experts.

You’re able to independently create custom protocols and trigger assessments so that you can meet the unique needs and requirements of your specialty pharmacy’s stakeholders.

To learn more about TherigySTM and how it can improve your specialty pharmacy’s performance, read about TherigySTM's features, and contact us to schedule your free demo.


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