Smart Investing: CPS Optimizer® Digital Pharmacy Resources

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Smart Investing: CPS Optimizer® Digital Pharmacy Resources

Streamline operations. Improve productivity. Reduce burnout. See just how much your hospital pharmacy could save with new technology.


Drug spend isn’t the only big cost center in hospital pharmacy. Like all other departments, labor expense is on the rise, collectively amounting to a 24.7% increase from 2019 to 2022.

Pharmacy staffs are notoriously lean, which leaves directors struggling to do it all. From clinical research and resource development to team management and compliance, it’s a lot to fit into forty hours—and that’s not even accounting for the day-to-day patient care.

Here’s what the recent National Pharmacist Workforce Study heard from hospital pharmacists:

  • Nearly 20% spend 20+ hours per week on management activities.
  • 75.4% agree that their organization isn’t doing enough to deal with the actual causes of employee stress and burnout.
  • 76.2% agree that the extent to which their organization is dealing with the actual causes of employee stress and burnout reduces patient medication safety.

That’s why 1,200+ pharmacy professionals have turned to CPS Optimizer.

This revolutionary pharmacy management platform features 3,500+ ready-to-use resources—all developed and consistently updated by regulatory specialists and clinical pharmacists. 

optimizer resources image for landing page_1200pxThese resources take all the tedious research, laborious development, and guesswork out of the equation. That means staff can expedite processes while using their time more efficiently and effectively where it matters most.

Our teams quantified just how much pharmacies can save with CPS Optimizer's extensive content library with breakdowns by time and labor expense for each resource category. 

Download the savings analysis to see what CPS Optimizer resources could save your hospital in 2024 and beyond.

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