Press Release: TherigySTM to Integrate with Honor Health’s EHR

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Press Release: TherigySTM to Integrate with Honor Health’s EHR

Interoperability empowering specialty pharmacists and improving quality of care

November 30, 2021, Orlando, FL— Therigy, LLC, a trusted provider for specialty pharmacy patient therapy management software and services, announced today its integration of TherigySTM with HonorHealth’s electronic health record system (EHR).

"Quality care for specialty patients requires comprehensive, accurate, and real-time data,” said Therigy President, Joe Morse. “The integration of TherigySTM with HonorHealth’s EHR provides specialty pharmacists with holistic information to make informed decisions that strengthen care and improve outcomes.”

Through a series of secure HL7 and API exchanges, users of either platform will have near real-time access to critical patient data through the continuum of care. This drives new efficiencies in workflows by allowing HonorHealth’s specialty pharmacists to manage information in one location and analyze trends in patient care and medications.

Therigy continues its push to develop integrations with industry-leading EHR systems resulting in increased communication across systems and platforms. Therigy integration with EHRs drives the identification of trends and enables improvements in care plans, and protocols across numerous therapeutic categories and medications. Therigy’s EHR integration can support customers wherever they are in their interoperability journey. With EHR integration, customers can further leverage TherigySTM to grow their specialty pharmacy and improve patient outcomes.


About Therigy®

Therigy, LLC, an affiliate of CPS Solutions, LLC, provides patient-focused specialty therapy management software and services. Therigy equips pharmacy stakeholders with the tools to standardize and scale patient management programs—with a depth and consistency of clinical care not possible before—helping them to grow their patient population, deliver value-based outcomes, gain insights into evolving patient needs, and predict therapy trends. 


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