MMIT Names CPS Clients MVHS & Union Health Finalists for Prestigious Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award

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MMIT Names CPS Clients MVHS & Union Health Finalists for Prestigious Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award

April 2024


Congratulations to our specialty pharmacy clients, Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) and Union Health


Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT) is holding its 9th annual Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Awards ceremony at Asembia to honor health system specialty pharmacies (HSSPs) for exemplary patient satisfaction and care. MVHS and Union Health have been named as two of the top three HSSP finalists in the Hospital and Health System category. 


MMIT CEO Diane Watsonsaid this about the finalists: “As the market evolves, it’s important to recognize the specialty pharmacies leading by example. The Patient Choice Awards honor their commitment to patient access and reliable, personable service.” 


MMIT will announce the winners during a celebration for honorees at Asembia’s AXS24 Specialty Pharmacy Summit, which will be held April 28 - May 2, in Las Vegas.



CPS’ Specialty Pharmacy Clients Have Industry-Leading Patient Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) 


As finalists for the MMIT Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award, MVHS and Union Health join an elite group of HSSPs honored for delivering industry-leading patient experiences and services.  


This is the third year in a row that a CPS client has been honored as an MMIT Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award finalist. Since 2022, four HSSPs from CPS’s HSSP network have been named award winners or finalists for their excellence in patient care delivery and outcomes. 


Additionally, CPS’ HSSP network consistently earns high patient satisfaction scores for exceptional patient experience, achieving a 94 Net Promoter Score (NPS) in MMIT’s latest Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey. NPS is a cross-industry standardized index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.   


CPS’ score was higher than the industry standard, and the highest NPS score by specialty pharmacy type, surpassing even other hospital and health system-based SPs.  


“The specialty medication journey can be challenging for patients, but HSSPs can help address barriers and create a better experience through coordinated, personalized care,” stated Frank Segrave, CEO at CPS Solutions, LLC. “I am proud of our team members who helped achieve this strong NPS for CPS and our clients.” 


High-Touch Specialty Pharmacy Care Drives Specialty Pharmacy Success & Growth


Both MVHS and Union Health have high-touch HSSP care models that can yield high marks for patient satisfaction.  

Pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons work alongside other caregivers to provide patients the comprehensive, integrated care needed to improve medication access and achieve the best outcomes from their therapies. Many of CPS’ peer-reviewed studies show high-touch specialty pharmacy care can significantly impact an HSSP’s patient outcomes and satisfaction. 


Just two years ago, Utica, N.Y.-based MVHS partnered with CPS to launch its Specialty Pharmacy and Chronic Disease Management Service to provide a coordinated and personalized therapy experiences for patients requiring complex, expensive medications to manage conditions like cancer, autoimmune disorders, HIV, Hepatitis C, diabetes, asthma, and more. Today, the HSSP has grown to support more than 1,200 patients.  


Terre Haute, Ind.-based Union Health launched its specialty pharmacy service in 2021 to “enhance the therapy experience for patients living with chronic and complex conditions,” according to Dan Cleveland, Pharm.D., BCPS, system pharmacy director at Union Health.  Today, the HSSP has grown to support more than 1,500 patients across the health system's oncology, infectious disease, neurology, and rheumatology clinics.


Winners will be unveiled at AsembiaAXS24 in several weeks. Join us as we celebrate excellence in patient satisfaction and reflect on our profound purpose: Helping our patients live better.


If you are interested in adding a specialty pharmacy to your growth strategy, please contact us.


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