Len Gray Featured in Pharmacy Angle

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Len Gray Featured in Pharmacy Angle

Len Gray Featured in Pharmacy Angle

CPS' drug purchasing and data management expert discusses what's ahead for pharmacists as they elevate to play a greater role in patient care.

June 2024


"There's no doubt about it."

In a world of uncertainty, Len Gray is sure about one thing. The pandemic has undoubtedly elevated the role of the pharmacist. That's according to a recent conversation that Gray, our senior vice president of purchasing and data management, had with Pharmacy Angle, a Health Connect Partners publication. CPS purchasing and data mangement expert Len Gray photographed during an interview with Pharmacy Angle. Image credit, Pharmacy Angle.

Former director of pharmacy reflects on pharmacy's evolving role

Gray's experience is first-hand. He's a clinical pharmacist by training and a former director of pharmacy at several hospitals and health systems. Today, he works as a strategic advisor for CPS' 800+ hospital and health system clients, bringing together purchasing, industry insights, and data management to usher in a new era of the elevated pharmacist. When asked about the most potent changes he has seen over his decades-long pharmacy career, Gray said:

"We've seen many changes over the years, but none have been as impactful as the elevation of the pharmacist."

"The expectations for directors of pharmacy and clinical pharmacists have grown," Gray explained. "Now, they must be experts in every aspect of the pharmacy—from compliance to pharmacy management to reimbursement and beyond." For example, drug shortages and increased spending will continue to impact all health systems, Gray told Pharmacy Angle. That means pharmacists will continue to need more support.


How to empower and elevate pharmacy teams

"Elevating the pharmacy's role is central to what we do at CPS," Gray explained. "We want everybody to practice at the top of their license, which is why we're going to help develop processes and resources to support that role."

Case in point: Our team of experts along with our proprietary technology, CPS Optimizer, are helping hospitals identify ways to help patients and reduce costs.

Pharmacy Angle at ASHP Midyear with Len Gray

What's ahead for the hospital pharmacy? 

According to Gray, pharmacies will continue to play a leading role in driving high-quality, high-value care for the hospital. In addition to improving patient care, Gray sees pharmacists as key to helping hospitals and health systems drive new revenue.

"The pen that generates the revenue will change the pharmacy department from a cost center to a revenue center—that will be powerful."

Watch the full interview.

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