Introducing the Industry's First Health Equity Pharmacy Fellowship

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Introducing the Industry's First Health Equity Pharmacy Fellowship

3 Questions for our Inaugural Fellow: Dr. Shanece Green, PharmD, RPh, MSPH, MBA

July 2023

Please join us in celebrating two milestones for the field of pharmacy!

We are honored to announce the official launch of CPS’ groundbreaking Health Equity and Systems Thinking Pharmacy Fellowship. 

CPS launches the industry’s first post-doctoral fellowship focused on promoting health equity across the continuum of care.

First announced in May 2021 and debuted last week, it advances the role that pharmacy plays in addressing health disparities.

Pharmacy teams play an important role in helping all patients overcome barriers to access needed medications and care. The new fellowship studies pharmacy’s role in improving health equity, ensuring our successes are integrated into clinical practice.

The result? A brighter future for everyone dreaming of a pharmacy career and better care for all patients.

Last week, we welcomed the inaugural Health Equity and Systems Thinking fellow—Dr. Shanece Green, PharmD, RPh, MSPH, MBA—to the CPS team. Let’s get to know Dr. Green and learn more about her fellowship journey ahead.

Shanece Green Headshot


CPS: Dr. Green, welcome to CPS! We are so lucky to have you. Tell us a bit about yourself—what are you most passionate about?

Dr. Green: Thank you for the warm welcome to CPS! I'm genuinely excited to join this incredible team. Let me introduce myself and share what truly drives my passion. With a background in biology and chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), along with an MBA, an M.S. in public health, and a doctorate in pharmacy from Campbell University, I bring a diverse range of skills to CPS. What truly inspires me is the opportunity to make a positive impact on patients' lives and create meaningful change.

I'm deeply committed to advancing health equity and finding ways for pharmacy teams to address social barriers to care. I firmly believe that everyone deserves equal access to quality healthcare, regardless of their background or circumstances. Joining CPS, a company that shares these values and prioritizes equitable care, is an honor for me. I'm thrilled to be part of a collaborative and inclusive culture, and I'm eager to contribute wholeheartedly to CPS's mission of improving healthcare outcomes for all.

CPS: What will you be studying and working on during your fellowship?
Dr. Green: During the fellowship, I’ll be working alongside our CPS pharmacy experts and teams to engage with our clinicians and patients. Part of that work will be developing an assessment tool to improve health literacy and communications.

I will also conduct a longitudinal research project evaluating intervention-based efforts to address health equity in pharmacy. Concurrently, I’ll support CPS’s development of a certificate program focusing on health equity, health disparities, and systems thinking. It’s an amazing opportunity to advance my skills and, more importantly, help make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.


CPS: Your research is bound to make an impact on many lives! As your fellowship year kicks off, what advice would you give to pharmacy students considering a similar career path?
Dr. Green: I encourage pharmacy students to explore careers that go beyond traditional pharmacy and have a meaningful impact on the healthcare journey for patients. Let our work at CPS serve as inspiration for considering a career path that promotes a fair and just healthcare system. It is important for the entire pharmacy community to reflect on ways to promote equity within our own profession, particularly as we think about the future generation of pharmacy students and residents.

The CPS fellowship presents a remarkable opportunity to initiate change, but we need the support of our pharmacy community to ensure lasting impact. I am excited to collaborate with my team at CPS and our pharmacy colleagues to strive for equal health opportunities for all, irrespective of their location, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or income.

Dr. Green, her team, and the rest of the impressive class of 2023 fellows will be making a big impact this year. Keep up with their work and check out more about our incredible fellowship opportunities here.



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