Integrated Specialty Pharmacies Drive Long-Term Success

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Integrated Specialty Pharmacies Drive Long-Term Success

case-study-clipsA shift to integrated specialty pharmacy services is evident across the healthcare landscape. These in-house models draw on natural operational synergies to improve patient care and increase hospital revenue. 

CPS recently published a white paper, derived from the most recent HFMA round table, analyzing this trend and its ability to drive long-term success.  The white paper highlights many key aspects of integrated specialty pharmacy services:

  • Improvements to the patient experience through the entire care continuum
  • Stronger communication and care coordination between providers and pharmacists
  • Streamlined funding with clear management of pharmacy versus medical benefits
  • Lower overall costs driven by long-term financial incentives

Read more about the benefits of integrated specialty pharmacy services and how they may apply to your hospital or health system by downloading the full white paper today.

"The shift toward integrated pharmacy services: driving long-term success"

HFMA Whitepaper Download

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