Delta Variant Burden Challenging Hospitals

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Delta Variant Burden Challenging Hospitals

Hospitals across the U.S. are straining from the impact of the Delta variant. Average new daily cases across the country have surged from approximately 12,000 a day in late June to 150,000 per day in mid-September. Hospitalizations have risen as well, registering approximately 100,000 today. Nearly 25% of ICUs have reached 95% capacity. Deaths have increased to nearly 1,900 per day.

Nearly all of the COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and death are among the unvaccinated. Hospitals and ICUs most affected are in the South, where vaccination rates are low and transmission of COVID-19 has soared. As of mid-September, hospitals in 10 states have enacted crisis standards of care or are approaching that point, prompting rationing of care due to patient surges and lack of supplies and staff to care for the growing patient population.

CPS Solutions

During this challenging time, CPS Solutions, LLC (CPS) is here to support hospitals and health systems with inpatient solutions that include:

  • A team of nearly 2,500 and more than 50 years of hospital pharmacy expertise
  • CPS suite of proprietary systems and analytics capabilities to drive excellence
  • Interim staffing capabilities to help address COVID surge and personnel shortages
  • Supply Chain support and expertise to assist in procuring personal protective equipment (PPE)

We focus on developing partnerships to help hospital pharmacies promote:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Financial performance and cost reductions
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Measurable improvement to patient care and safety

In the last year, CPS delivered $11.4 million in savings to our hospital and health system partners while driving improved care and outcomes.

CPS can help your operations stay stable, efficient, and effective in the face of a potential surge in patients. We are dedicated to working side by side with your team, providing the support needed to deliver excellence in patient care during this difficult time.

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