CPS Webinar: Value-Based Care

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CPS Webinar: Value-Based Care

Date: Wednesday, April 6th, 2022

Topic: Value-Based Care: How Pharmacy Initiatives Drive Financial and Operational Performance (22.04)

As hospitals and health systems shift at their own pace towards Value-Based Care (VBC) and payment reform initiatives, both inpatient and outpatient pharmacies will play significant roles in increasing how providers improve care quality and lower costs under existing and alternate payment models.

Those providers that have a full understanding of their costs (both existing and anticipated) will be most successful as they shift towards bundled payment or capitation models. They will be challenged to analyze costs in real-time while finding ways to reduce medication-related expenses related to internal care.

During this webinar, the CPS team will review enterprise pharmacy and pharmacist-led strategies to encourage optimal VBC performance. These include:

• Keeping patient populations healthy and out of the hospital through the application of proper medication therapy compliance programs and pharmacist-led therapy management

• Lowering the cost per covered life for ACOs and self-insured populations

• Increasing care quality and reducing internal costs during acute inpatient episodes. Related topics include medication reconciliation on admission, medication utilization initiatives, disciplined discharge process to home, and post-acute care

• Reducing adverse drug events and medication-related problem readmissions

• Applying actionable, real-time data to quantify inpatient medication costs while identifying and implementing quality-focused strategies and reducing costs through medication utilization initiatives during acute episodes of care


Dave Bono, Senior Vice President, CPS

Aalap Modi, Director, Clinical Care Services, CPS TELEpharmacy

Chuck Fogle, Vice President, Clinical Business Development, CPS

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