CPS Webinar: Analytics to Improve 340B Program Transaction Monitoring

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CPS Webinar: Analytics to Improve 340B Program Transaction Monitoring

Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

Topic: Using Analytics to Improve 340B Program Transaction Monitoring

An Exploration of Tips and Tricks for 340B Program Administrators


Given the financial pressures placed on covered entities, program administrators are increasingly incentivized to monitor their transactions to ensure performance optimization.

In this webinar, the CPS 340B Solutions team discussed recommendations and best practices for using several Microsoft Excel functions to target 340B transactions for internal monitoring.  Using this approach may help covered entities improve overall 340B Drug Pricing Program compliance and performance through the identification of higher-risk transactions.

Audience members:

• Explored the financial benefits for covered entities in maintaining a robust 340B transaction monitoring
• Became familiar with key Microsoft Excel functions to assist with formatting, analyzing, and selecting 340B transaction data
• Considered tips for how to develop a robust internal monitoring plan for mixed-use and retail pharmacy 340B transactions
• Discussed how to support 340B Program compliance through the routine identification of higher-risk 340B transactions, and the development of appropriate mitigation strategies

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Dennis Killian
Senior Consultant,


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