CPS Webinar: Tackling Increasing Labor and Supply Expenses

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CPS Webinar: Tackling Increasing Labor and Supply Expenses

Date: Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

Topic: Tackling Increasing Labor and Supply Expenses

An Exploration of How Hospital and Health System Administrators are Challenged to Address Increasing Pharmacy Staffing and Supply Chain Costs


Hospital and health system leaders are faced with significant operational challenges that affect the performance quality of their pharmacies. These challenges leave many administrators uncertain that they have the resources and bandwidth available locally to provide vital services. They also affect the efficiency with which pharmacy staff and caregivers can meet today's needs.

During this webinar, CPS leadership and subject matter experts discussed the contemporary challenges facing pharmacy staffing and hospital supply chains that are jeopardizing operations. We also explored possible remedies for addressing pain points and maximizing the ability of your pharmacy to drive cost savings and improve efficiency.

Audience members:

• Explored the degree to which pharmacy staffing and supply chain challenges are impacting hospital and health system pharmacies
• Considered how different operational approaches and best practices provide both short-term and long-term solutions
• Reviewed how partnerships have recently driven value for care sites around the nation


Dave Bono
Senior Vice President, Hospitals and Health Systems

Eric Murphy
President, Supply Chain Solutions

Chuck Ball

Toni Duberry
Director, Talent Acquisition



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