CPS Webinar: Insights and Updates from the COVID Task Force

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CPS Webinar: Insights and Updates from the COVID Task Force

Date: Thursday, February 17th, 2022

In this webinar, the CPS COVID Task Force reviewed insights and best practices pertaining to new developments in pharmacy related to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.  Topics covered include virus variants, vaccine types, the therapeutic landscape, monoclonal antibodies, and more.




Topic: Updates and Insights from the COVID Task Force (22.02)

CPS provides resources, tools, and expertise to position pharmacies at our managed sites favorably to navigate the evolving circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this webinar, the CPS COVID Task Force led a discussion reviewing insights and updates for hospitals and health systems seeking to "connect the dots" as they navigate their pharmacies through the pandemic.

Topics included:
• COVID-19 and variants
• Vaccines
• mAbs
• Antivirals (orals and changes to remdesivir)
• Logistic, legal, ethical, and billing/reimbursement considerations
• COVID Task Force value delivery at our manged sites


Chris Beebe


Compliance and Regulatory Services


Rabiah Dys


Clinical Program Development


Chuck Fogle


Clinical Solutions


Davey Legendre


Clinical Infectious Diseases


Valerie Sheehan


Clinical Program Development


Renee Zawistowski

PharmD, BCCP

Quality and Operations


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