CPS Webinar: Amplifying Stewardship Through Health Equity

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CPS Webinar: Amplifying Stewardship Through Health Equity

Date: Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

In this webinar, the CPS Clinical Training team discusses the current state of the medication pipeline while reviewing details of treatments with upcoming therapeutic significance.

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Topic: Amplifying Stewardship Through Health Equity (21.12)

Hospitals and health systems are incentivized to rethink their approach to health care in a manner that drives beneficial, transformative change to the health care field and patients.  We will explore this during our webinar.  By employing system stewardship, health care stakeholders from patients and employees to hospital ownership and management can produce positive operational and clinical outcomes by addressing conditions that promote shared responsibility.


Rabiah Dys, Pharm.D.
Senior Vice President, Clinical Program Development

Dave Bono
Senior Vice President, Business Development


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