CPS Software Management Enables Unprecedented Opportunities for Outcomes Research

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CPS Software Management Enables Unprecedented Opportunities for Outcomes Research

In an industry that’s projected to exceed $400 billion by 2020, pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, hospital systems, payers, and other stakeholders are looking at patient outcomes data to evaluate specialty therapy performance and make critical decisions for the future of the industry. CPS® developed TherigySTM™, the industry’s leading patient-centric specialty therapy management technology platform, to help customers automate, standardize, and scale patient management programs and enable value-based outcomes.  

Collectively, the high-performing specialty pharmacies utilizing the TherigySTM platform provide consistent therapy management to more than 300,000 patients. Through this unprecedented depth and consistency of clinical care and the data captured, TherigySTM enables customers and outcomes researchers to draw more meaningful conclusions because all data sources are using consistent patient management protocols and data structure.

Data analysis and outcomes research is possible at the disease state and medication level. Patients managed through TherigySTM have undergone, or are currently undergoing treatment, which includes costly health conditions such as hepatitis C infection (HCV), oncology, inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and all of the drug therapies used to treat these conditions.

Going beyond claims data, basic dispensing, and utilization metrics, CPS' database comprises comprehensive real-world evidence and insights into key treatment performance indicators. These indicators include patients’ initial clinical presentation, past medical history, response to therapy, comorbidities, and other attributes that contribute to the evaluation of therapy outcomes, revealing insights into evolving patient needs and predicting therapy trends.

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“This takes us beyond the realm of pre-approval clinical trials. Pharmacies, manufacturers, payers, hospital systems, outcomes researchers, and other stakeholders, as well as patients, need statistically significant real-world evidence to quantify the value of drugs and services in specialty pharmacy. This is the future for balancing efficacy, quality, and costs,” said Russel Allinson, RPh, MS, CPS' CEO, and Chief Clinical Officer.  “While many look simply at what data can be collected post facto, we are working with our customers and leveraging our technology to implement consistent protocols and quality initiatives, and are measuring the results.”

The specialty pharmacies using TherigySTM represent one of the largest and most comprehensive sources of standardized specialty pharmacy outcomes data in the United States.

“CPS is focused on next-level insights into the utilization and effectiveness of specialty therapies and potential opportunities for improvement. This information has fueled both quality initiatives and outcomes drug studies while filling critical knowledge gaps regarding the efficacy of current treatment strategies,” added Allinson. “For example, CPS has been able to identify target patient sub-groups and then engage with customers to work on IRB approved, retrospective chart reviews using an assessment in TherigySTM specifically configured for chart reviews.”

TherigySTM customers have the option of participating in outcomes research opportunities. Contact us today if your pharmacy desires to become one of our outcomes research partners. 


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