CPS Announces Launch of Cutting-edge Pharmacy Analytics Software, TherigyVista℠

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CPS Announces Launch of Cutting-edge Pharmacy Analytics Software, TherigyVista℠

April 2024


CPS is excited to announce the launch of TherigyVista, a cutting-edge pharmacy analytics software that creates a comprehensive financial picture of an outpatient pharmacy’s prescription opportunities. By pulling an ecosystem of real-time EMR and dispensing system data into one central repository, it generates robust dashboards and actionable analytics to quantify systemwide prescription leakage and capture rates, related expenses, eligible patients, and revenue opportunities in real-time with business intelligence reports and dashboards.  


These actionable analytics empower pharmacies to identify key areas for financial growth and refine their ongoing strategy with targeted outreach to maximize prescription capture.  


Here are some of the key benefits every pharmacy can experience with TherigyVista:
  1. Identify current prescription capture percentages and where prescription leakage occurs
  2. Gain visibility into patient and prescriber trends for targeted outreachVista - EMR Capture Rates
  3. Analyze historical and projected payor access, medication margin, and growth 
  4. Project pharmacy financial performance through models forecasting five-year plans based on configurable variables
  5. Optimize pharmacy efficiencies and resources with informed decision-making


For more information on TherigyVista's robust array of dashboards and how they drive organizational value, please visit our TherigyVista webpage



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