CPS Experts Present 6 Posters at AMCP 2023

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CPS Experts Present 6 Posters at AMCP 2023

Event featured health system specialty pharmacy clinical outcomes research, including a Best Poster Award finalist.

March 31, 2023

This month, our health system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) team headed to ACMP 2023, where they presented six clinical research posters. One was named a finalist for the event’s “Best Poster Award” in the Resident/Fellow category.

The featured posters included:

    1. Utilization of Risk Stratification in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in an HSSP Setting,” which was recognized as a “Best Poster Award” finalist. The study describes how risk stratification in the HSSP improves outcomes for patients living with diabetes. Study authors include Mackenzie Stout, PharmD; Nicholas McDonald, PharmD; Lauren Bryant, PharmD, CDCES; Ana Medina Lopez, PharmD; and Jessica Mourani, PharmD.
    2. Comparison of Discontinuation Rates in Patients Receiving an Oral Anticancer Agent Before and After Implementation of a 14-day Pharmacist Check-in Protocol.” Study authors Kristen Hutchinson, PharmD, BCOP, CSP; Jasmine King, PharmD Candidate; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Angie Wood, PharmD, BCPS, BCOP, CSP; and Mike Latran, PharmD, MPH; found HSSP pharmacists played a pivotal role in decreasing oral anticancer discontinuation, especially after implementing a 14-day treatment check-in protocol.
    3. MR Fast: Assessing the Impact of HSSP Services on Helping Patients Achieve Migraine Relief Fast,” which concluded HSSPs are effective at helping patients get rapid migraine control. Researchers were Amanda Hickman, PharmD, MPH, MSCS; Brandon Hardin, PharmD, MBA, CSP; Mona Modi, PharmD Candidate; and Jessica Mourani, PharmD.
    4. Medication Access Difficulties for Patients Dispensing with Internal HSSPs vs. External Specialty Pharmacies,” which found health systems with specialty pharmacists integrated into onsite care teams reduced medication access challenges and improved care quality for patients. The research was conducted by Victor Nguyen, PharmD Candidate; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Ashley Blaakman, PharmD; and Casey Fitzpatrick, PharmD, BCPS.
    5. Hepatitis Linkage to Care Initiative,” which found HSSP teams play a pivotal role in decreasing treatment start times for HCV access to care. This closes a care gap for HCV patients who would otherwise have to wait longer for treatment. Study authors were Sandra Poon, PharmD, AAHIVP; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Jennifer Savoy, PharmD, AAHIVP, CSP; Noah Schumacher, PharmD Candidate; and Carly Giavatto, PharmD.
    6. HSSP Interventions in Multiple Sclerosis,” which identifies the types and outcomes of clinical interventions completed by pharmacists for patients with MS (PwMS). It showed HSSP teams provide individualized patient care resulting in a range of benefits including improved adherence, lab coordination, and adverse drug reaction management. Authors included Alexis El-Khouri, PharmD; Amanda Hickman, PharmD, MPH, MSCS; Carly Giavatto, PharmD; Casey Fitzpatrick, PharmD, BCPS; Kipp Tiger, PharmD, CSP; Jessica Mourani, PharmD; Megan Rees, PharmD, BCACP, CSP; and Ana I Lopez-Medina, PharmD.
Congratulations, team!

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