Becker's Hospital Review - Unlocking the True Potential of Your Specialty Pharmacy Program

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Becker's Hospital Review - Unlocking the True Potential of Your Specialty Pharmacy Program

Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly changing landscape through which highly complex treatments, vital to the wellbeing of patients with complex, chronic, and rare conditions, are increasingly made available to healthcare providers.  As these providers seek to understand their specialty opportunity, be it financial or clinical in scope, comprehending the processes required to produce a "best-in-class" specialty pharmacy is vital for leaders in achieving their vision.  While many providers are capable of building a specialty pharmacy, very few have an intimate understanding of how to craft programs that realize their maximum performance potential.

Given the dynamic nature of the space, how can hospital and health system leaders position themselves to enhance their understanding of the contemporary specialty market?  In this webinar, CPS explores what administrators currently want to know about the space.  Rapid changes related to 340B, site of care, and infusion services, for example, are not currently known to administrators.  Lack of knowledge is often a primary reason that specialty operations fail to reach their full potential while lack of vision prevents often prevent leaders from realizing the true scope of the opportunity that they are missing.

In this recorded webinar session from the November 2020 Becker's CEO + CFO Virtual Event, the team from CPS discusses numerous topics.  These include:

  • Optimizing owned specialty and ambulatory pharmacy operations
  • Understanding PBM / payor issues and strategy
  • Navigating specialty drug access and procuring limited distribution drugs



  • Doug Massey, Senior Vice President, CPS
  • John Luebker, Senior Vice President, CPS
  • Susan Trieu, Senior Vice President, CPS

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