ASHP Standardize 4 Safety: Opportunities for Error Reduction

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ASHP Standardize 4 Safety: Opportunities for Error Reduction

ASHP has released the first set of concentration standards related to their Standardize 4 Safety initiative: adult continuous IV infusions.  This list and the program website are linked below.  

Standardize 4 Safety is an initiative involving multiple national patient safety organizations and experts in pharmacy, nursing, and medicine.  The ultimate goal is national adoption of these concentrations to reduce errors and patient harm, though they are not mandatory.  Upcoming medication categories that will be targeted include pediatric IVs, compounded oral liquids, and PCA/epidural infusions. 

Facilities may wish to consider comparing current concentration lists for adult IV infusions with those in the ASHP standard guideline. For those that differ, a review of the feasibility of potentially changing to the ASHP standard may be in order.  This would ideally be done in conjunction with Nursing and Medical Staff leadership.  Items to consider may include: 

  • Preprinted or prebuilt order sets
  • CPOE and Pharmacy information systems
  • IV pump library concentrations
  • Formulas and ‘recipes’ used to guide compounding
  • Potential changes in stocked medications or formulary items
  • Plans for communication and safety if transitioning to a new concentration







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