Specialty Drug Surge: 5 Market Landscape Trends You Can't Ignore

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Specialty Drug Surge: 5 Market Landscape Trends You Can't Ignore

May 2024


Featured in Becker's Hosptial Review CEO Newsletter 


Susan Trieu, PharmD, tells you what’s coming down the drug pipeline and what it means for your pharmacy. 


It’s another pivotal year for the drug pipeline according to our market access and specialty clinical strategy expert, Susan Trieu, PharmD. She is keeping close watch on the market landscape as she advises our 800+ hospital and health system partners.  


What’s having the most impact? According to Dr. Trieu, there are five areas hospital and health system leaders need to watch this year. Here’s one: 


“Specialty drugs continue to dominate,” Dr. Trieu says in an article recently featured in Becker’s Hospital Review’s CEO newsletter.  


She advises executives to be ready to manage more specialty therapies. “80 percent of drugs approved last year were for specialty conditions, and by the end of 2024, 40+ new specialty therapies are expected to enter the market,” she said. 


As the specialty drug landscape evolves, change may be coming to your pharmacy. Find out what’s ahead and what you can do to prepare. 


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