$1.64 Million in Supply Chain Savings Over 3 Years

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$1.64 Million in Supply Chain Savings Over 3 Years

Supply chain challenges hinder hospitals and health systems across the country.  For one surgical hospital, a partnership with CPS helped to optimize their materials management processes to improve supply chain reliability, increase standardization, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce expenses.



The Partnership

In the case study "How CPS Supply Chain Solutions Delivered $1.64 Million in Savings for a Surgical Hospital Over Three Years," you’ll learn how the CPS team delivered the following results:

  • Reduction of supply expenses by more than $358,500 in the first year
  • Improvement of overall operation audit for evaluation of all regulatory and best-in-class standards
  • Generation of equipment rebates totaling $386,370 through negotiation
  • GPO partnership savings of approximately $180,000

You’ll also learn how CPS' supply chain team helped the surgical hospital achieve higher performance standards across 21 dimensions.

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