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Comprehensive Medication Management

On average, physicians spend only about 49 seconds explaining to patients about their new medications. Every year, there are approximately 275,000 avoidable deaths because patients are unclear on how and when to take their prescriptions. 

CPS TELEpharmacy can help with Comprehensive Medication Management that prevents medication-related issues and reduces hospital readmissions. Your patients benefit from our team of fully licensed pharmacists, who will call the patient 48 hours post-discharge to ensure they have started their medications and discuss any clinical issues that may have surfaced since returning home.

The CPS TELEpharmacy Comprehensive Medication Management program ensures the effectiveness, appropriateness, and safety of each medication. We operate as an extension of your pharmacy 24/7/365, adhering to your policies, procedures, and values.

For more information on how CPS TELEpharmacy Comprehensive Medication Management program can support your organization, watch our new video:


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